Child Support


The determination of child support can be highly technical. It also can require solid preparation and accounting work. This is particularly true when at least one parent has extraordinarily high income. In high-income cases, it is important to be able to demonstrate exactly how much income or cash flow is available for child support. Equally important is the ability to demonstrate the reasonable needs of the children, consistent with their parents’ station in life. These issues often are hard-fought, and the legal team at Jaffe Family Law Group knows exactly how to handle them.

Jaffe Family Law Group guides clients by creating viable solutions now and into the future. If needed, Jaffe Family Law Group will also work with estate planning professionals to craft trusts or funds to protect its clients’ children into the future.

Over time, circumstances may change. Income may go up or down. The amount of time spent with each parent may be different. The children’s needs may increase. When there is a substantial change in circumstances, a modification of child support may be warranted. Jaffe Family Law Group is well equipped to represent its clients in all areas of child support, whether they are seeking or resisting a modification of child support.