Top 20 Lawyers for Crime Divorce and Other uh, Sensitive Matters

Hollywood Reporter

Death, divorce and other disasters are, unfortunately, part of life – and even the ultra-rich and famous aren’t immune. But when one of those tragedies befalls the Hollywood elite, 24/7 public scrutiny makes it absolutely vital to handle the situation as confidentially as possible. That is why Hollywood Reporter chose Dan Jaffe for its list.

One of Jaffe’s first entertainment industry clients was Tichi Wilkerson, the widow of The Hollywood Reporter founder Billy Wilkerson. She ran the outlet for more than two decades. During 40-plus years in the business, he also represented Nicole Brown Simpson in her divorce from O.J. and Rupert Murdoch’s second wife, Anna – who reportedly parted with more than billion dollars.” Our client base is primarily entertainment people, business people and scions of enormously wealthy families,” he says. “We deal with more money than virtually any other field of law. We’re dealing with estates from $50 million to $8 billion.”