Will Nile Niami’s divorce affect his $500M spec mansion?

Yvonne Niami, the wife of mega-mansion builder Nile Niami of Skyline Development Inc., filed for divorce last month, a decision that could have significant implications for the developer’s real estate holdings, The Real Deal has learned.

How the couple’s assets will be divided — particularly Niami’s real estate — will depend on the existence of a prenuptial agreement, said Daniel Jaffe of the Beverly Hills family law firm Jaffe and Clemens, who has represented celebrities such as Marc Anthony in his divorce from Jennifer Lopez.

“I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a prenuptial agreement,” he said. “That completely changes things.”

It’s possible Niami could claim the spec mansion is off-limits if the project was developed while the two were separated, Jaffe said. However, even the planning stages of a project could make it an asset that could be divided in a divorce, Jaffe said.

“I’m sure this project took a long time to put together,” he said.

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