The Impact of Media Leaks and Abuse Claims on Johnny Depp’s Divorce, According to Top Lawyers

Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, but their split has become an ugly legal and press battle. The question facing lawyers is how the fight playing out in the media will impact the legal proceedings – or whether the public relations war is the only war that really matters.

Daniel Jaffe told The Hollywood Reporter the leaks could be an effort to sway public opinion against Johnny Depp. “Apparently they think they’re going to get some public traction by trying to paint this very popular movie star in a bad light,” he says, adding that it’s unlikely the court will attempt to stop it. “Judges sometimes issue restraining orders against talking to the press when they think the information could affect the jury pool. But we don’t have jury cases in family law, even in domestic violence cases.”

Jaffe says Jaffe and Clemens is seeing more domestic violence claims because the law now includes emotional battery. “If there’s a finding of domestic violence, the court has discretion to award not only more support but also a longer period of support,” he says.

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