Strategies for Family Law in California, 2016 ed. Leading Lawyers on Understanding Developments in California Family Law (Inside the Minds)

Daniel J. Jaffe, Founding Partner, Jaffe Family Law Group writes chapter Implications of Offshore Funds on Divorce and Taxes” in the 2016 edition of Inside the Minds: Strategies for Family Law in California.

Dealing with divorce, custody, paternity, and other family law issues is often an emotional process for everyone involved. These cases profoundly affect the lives of people on both sides as well as their children. Factors such as the presence of offshore funds, issues regarding the date of separation, and retirement benefits also complicate matters from a legal perspective. Strategies for Family Law in California offers the perspective and advice of lawyers who have spent years honing their understanding of such factors. The authors analyze the recent changes in California family law, from new definitions of “familial relationship” to different ways to characterize property, and give their insights about where the field will likely head in the future. They also provide guidance about which cases can be settled out-of-court and which willrequire all the skills trial lawyers bring to bear.

Inside the Minds provides readers with proven business and legal intelligence from leading C-Level executives and lawyers. Each chapter offers thought leadership and expert analysis on an industry, profession, or topic, providing a future-oriented perspective and proven strategies for success. Each author has been selected based on their experience and C-Level standing within the business and legal communities.