As one of the firm’s paralegals, Colin Doty assists in all areas of family law litigation, focusing on discovery and trial preparation. His extensive discovery experience includes drafting of document demands, subpoenas, interrogatories, requests for admission, responses and objections, as well as the organization and management of complex, high-volume document productions. Colin also performs complex document analysis and drafts discovery motions. He is very familiar with the discovery sections of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Colin’s trial preparation experience includes drafting of exhibit lists and witness lists, assembly and organization of voluminous trial exhibits, and the preparation of working binders. He has also supported attorneys in the courtroom on several large trials, and is very familiar with the California Evidence Code.

Skilled as a project manager, Colin oversees most of the firm’s group-oriented projects including being the principal coordinator of the firm’s document retrieval system and liaison between the attorneys and the filing staff.